Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Website Up-To-Date

We're glad to announce that this website is now up-to-date. We have reviews of over 70 books, with the latest reviews (January and February 2007) also included. We hope you enjoy the reviews, and the books as well. We'll post a list of all 70+ reviewed books soon.

The latest book reviews are in the "Recent Posts" section on the right. Earlier book reviews can be found in the "Archives" section, also on the right.

Note that some reviews have a "Bookshelf" section at the end. These are other, related books we recommend for future or further reading, and at the time posting, have no reviews yet from this website.

Also, we will soon set-up an announcement mailing list so that you know when the site is updated. Meanwhile, please keep checking back for new book reviews!

Ran out of books and book reviews to read? Head on over to the P&PC Library & Bookstore to browse for new books, or to go to for more books and more other stuff! Or, read articles on Learning & Innovation.

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